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Nicole Morgan, APR2010 APR Scholarship Recipient
Nicole Morgan, APR
Tulsa Chapter of PRSA

From the day I started my career, I knew I wanted to one day earn my APR. For me, it symbolized a major milestone in becoming what we should all strive to be – a true counselor to our clients and employers. Being in an agency has allowed me to quickly gain valuable experience in a variety of areas within the field. When I began this process, I felt like I had finally built enough of a foundation of PR knowledge to be prepared for the APR.

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Karen Rudolph, APR2010 APR Scholarship Recipient
Karen Rudolph, APR
Central Texas Chapter of PRSA

I am thrilled to finally be an APR! To me, those three little letters designate PR practitioners who value the importance of research, strategic planning and measurable results. APRs know that tactics alone are not sufficient and that careful planning is a necessity. The process of becoming an APR was great because it exposed me to new theories and research methods and taught me how critical objectives are.

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Leigh Allison Stidham, APR2010 APR Scholarship Recipient
Leigh Allison Stidham, APR
Northwest Arkansas Chapter of PRSA


The distinction of earning your APR provides instant credibility in a practitioner’s abilities and commitment to their craft for colleagues, clients, potential clients and other professionals. The process of preparing for the examination allows the candidate to review the basic foundations of Public Relations, and gain additional insight new ways as they relate principles back to various experiences throughout their career.

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Margaret Ritsch, APR2010 APR Scholarship Recipient
Margaret Ritsch, APR
Greater Forth Worth Chapter of PRSA

I decided earlier this year to finally undertake the APR examination and portfolio. I had reached a point in my career when I wanted more than ever to practice “state-of-the-art” public relations. I believed that earning the APR would be an indicator to clients and colleagues that I had authority and “knew of which I spoke” when reviewing business challenges and devising possible solutions.

One of the outcomes of earning the APR is increased confidence in asserting the importance of research as a first step in strategic planning. I don’t hit clients over the head with it, but instead point out how important it is to reduce uncertainties before committing to a plan of action. Since earning the APR, I have consistently succeeded in getting clients to accept that research comes first.

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Ashley Antle, APR2010 APR Scholarship Recipient
Ashley Antle, APR
Tulsa Chapter of PRSA

Studying for and taking the APR was a great experience. It really helped cement my understanding of the importance of research, strategic planning and measurement when developing a successful communication campaign.

For me, the most valuable step of the entire process was the readiness review. The review forced me to look at my portfolio with a critical eye and measure all of my work against PRSA's best practices. It gave me the opportunity to think about what worked as well as what I could have done differently to improve a campaign. Making that assessment of my own portfolio really helped fine-tune my plan development and evaluation skills.

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