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2011 APR Scholarship Recipient
Jamie Higgins, APR
Arkansas Chapter of PRSA


Obtaining an APR is just as important to an individual's growth as a public relations practitioner as it is to the industry as a whole. Taking an active approach to learning and making a commitment to professional development strengthens our function as an essential member of the management team. Having your APR shows that you have dedicated your professional career to sound decision making, the highest of ethical standards and helping others.


The distinction of the APR is not only good for practitioners but its also good for the field of public relations. I would encourage others to pursue their APR because they have a passion for the profession and want to not only test their ability but also learn about the history of public relations. Attaining my APR has renewed my confidence as a practitioner and allowed me to grow as a professional. For those looking to advance their career, APR is definitely the path to choose.

Karen Rudolph

My personal journey has been one of greater understanding and appreciation. Appreciation to my colleagues for their confidence in my abilities, and a greater understanding through my preparation for the computer based examination. Like all great accomplishments, it did not come overnight and without hard work. That makes the outcome even sweeter.

I encourage each practitioner to seriously consider the journey of professional growth and understanding that only the APR can provide.