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Heide Harrell, APR2010 APR Scholarship Recipient
Heide Harrell, APR
Arkansas Chapter of PRSA

Obtaining my APR has been one of the most challenging and gratifying experiences of my career. In addition to testing my knowledge and expertise as a practitioner, it has provided me with a mark of distinction from other professionals. Accreditation has also signified a sense of accomplishment for me in the field of public relations.

The distinction of the APR is not only good for practitioners but its also good for the field of public relations. I would encourage others to pursue their APR because they have a passion for the profession and want to not only test their ability but also learn about the history of public relations. Attaining my APR has renewed my confidence as a practitioner and allowed me to grow as a professional. For those looking to advance their career, APR is definitely the path to choose.

Karen Rudolph