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Margaret Ritsch, APR2010 APR Scholarship Recipient
Margaret Ritsch, APR
Greater Forth Worth Chapter of PRSA

I decided earlier this year to finally undertake the APR examination and portfolio. I had reached a point in my career when I wanted more than ever to practice “state-of-the-art” public relations. I believed that earning the APR would be an indicator to clients and colleagues that I had authority and “knew of which I spoke” when reviewing business challenges and devising possible solutions.

One of the outcomes of earning the APR is increased confidence in asserting the importance of research as a first step in strategic planning. I don’t hit clients over the head with it, but instead point out how important it is to reduce uncertainties before committing to a plan of action. Since earning the APR, I have consistently succeeded in getting clients to accept that research comes first.

Having my APR has also opened up new professional opportunities. Recently I learned there is a shortage of accredited professionals who are willing and able to participate in site reviews at universities around the world that seek certification in public relations education under the new global standard, the Certification for Public Relations Education (CPRE). Last month I traveled to Western Kentucky University to do a site review with an academic from Oklahoma University. My hope is that other site visits are on the horizon — possibly to a university outside the United States!

I really do believe that earning the APR has begun a new chapter in my professional life. I highly recommend it to colleagues who are committed to excellence in their professional practice.